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Business and Finance Analytics - Capabilities

Technocrats with unrivaled experience at work

Acroplans’ Research Based and Leading-Edge Expertise

It’s a race against time and numbers for the organisations with the competition, to have a satisfied customer and successful investor. Digitisation has taken the driver’s seat across all the industries, corporates and businesses, it’s not just a reporting or an analytical tool, anymore. It’s to be cognitive, artificially intelligent, machine learning and predictive – over and above easily interpretable and easy to use across by the users from top to bottom. We deploy corporate planning solutions for financial statement planning, OpEx planning, CapEx, head count planning in SAP SAC in a duration of 3 months.



Acroplans is run by technocrats with decades of experience and proven track record in the world of business, finance and analytics. Our research based and leading edge experience with expertise brings best in the segment designing and solutioning of the analytics projects. It’s ‘Do it Right the First Time’ (DRFT) at Acroplans and for its clients through its capabilities in data analytics implementation, hence the realisation is faster and substantial comparatively.
We deploy corporate planning solutions for financial statement planning, OpEx planning, CapEx, head count planning in SAP SAC in a duration of 3 months.

Implementation Model

Implementation Model

We are specialised in accelerated deployment of the analytical projects for our clients across industries for over twenty years. These kind of delivery model helps the clients in optimization of cost and project timelines, and have the return on the investment sooner than later. This empowers the customers with access to accurate / right data to analyse, actionize, and review the actions implemented. Acroplans’ experience in financial analytical solutions, insightful, intuitive project delivery models redefine your Digital Analytics and transitions it in to a global success story. We plan, design and implement the solution for all the customers across industries, corporates and businesses.

Migration and Upgrade

Migration and upgrade services team has the experience to plan and deliver analytical tools’ upgrades and migrations. The team offers the expertise needed to assess current environments and provide the expertise needed to ensure a successful project and smooth transition, whether it’s on cloud or on-premises. Experienced and qualified employ tested and proven strategies that mitigate the risk and accelerating the adoption of the new technology of analytics.

Migration and Upgrade
Application  Management Support

Management Support

Our analytical maintenance and sustenance eco system supports the clients for their analytical systems as per the SLA. It’s not just mere resolution to the created tickets, it will be an improvement of the solution implemented by evaluation of its performance and use over certain statistically derive periods based on previous experience and intuition. Switch over of the Sustenance of from any client from their existing service provider is done through knowledge transfer and documentation handover.

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