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Meet you at SAP event - SAPPHIRE 2023

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Event Details
Date: May 16-17 2023 (Tuesday)
Time: 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM
Location : Orlando, Florida, USA

Acroplans run by one of the Best Technocrats in the world of IT, is partnering with SAP to offer the comprehensive SAP Business and Financial Analytics products and solutions with cognitive, artificially intelligent, machine learning and predictive feature – in 3 months through rapid deployment models.

At Acroplans, we envisage and fathom the challenges and opportunities of the future of businesses.

Your Takeaways
Our engineers shall demo you the latest developments and innovations in the SAP business analytics and how it may be leveraged to your businesses and with that how you will be able to optimise your resources - man, machine, material and money. We shall showcase you how we enabled some of our prestigious clients to be ‘digital and analytical future ready’ with our research based and leading edge expertise.

Acroplans’ experts will be sharing the insights, take your questions and answer them.

The event is expected to be a podium for 10,000+ professionals from 200+ companies talking to you and taking you to the future technology.

Register now and surely meet us at the confluence of Acroplans’ and SAPPHIRE, where you may access the latest content on analytics and connect with us one-on-one.

See you and Meet you at the SAPPHIRE on 16-17th May 2023.

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